The University of Florida is required to maintain records of the chemicals that are on its campuses. In order to accomplish this, a system called ChemTracker has been employed. ChemTracker was designed for use by academic organizations so that they could more easily manage their chemical inventories. This system enables the principal investigator (PI) and the designated lab manager to edit, update and track their inventory online. ChemTracker compiles the chemical inventories into a database that allows Environmental Health and Safety personnel to search for specific chemicals to identify safety issues and run regulatory reports without the need to request specific inventories from researchers.

All of the labs that EH&S had an inventory for were added to ChemTracker during the initial startup in 2014.  Inventory updates must be done on a continuous “real-time” basis.  In order to update an inventory either the PI or a lab manager must log on to ChemTracker and make the appropriate additions, modifications, and deletions to bring the lab’s inventory up to date. To understand how to use ChemTracker to update your inventory, either follow the link below for the ChemTracker How-To Guide or watch the ChemTracker How-To Video at the bottom of the page. Both the video and guide go through the various steps in logging in, finding your inventory, adding chemicals and deleting chemicals.  The ChemTracker Tips delves into some of the finer aspects of ChemTracker and will explain some of the program’s quirks.


EH&S Contacts

If you have any questions or are a new PI, please contact EH&S Lab Safety and they will provide information as requested.

How To Use ChemTracker Video

For full screen, double click the video or select the expansion icon in the lower right-hand corner once the video plays.
Please pause the video as needed in order to follow the steps.