Laboratory Assessment Training & Chemical Hygiene (LATCH)

LATCH provides a platform for PIs and facility managers to identify hazards, and understand what control measures need to be in place to mitigate risks.

Components of LATCH

Personnel Roster
Personnel Rosters allow PIs/facility managers to communicate work area-specific safety hazards and mitigation measures to all members of that area. The roster also allows the PI/Manager (and EH&S) to track the completion status of safety training offered or required by EH&S.
Documentation of EH&S training completed by all individuals in the lab, shop or work area. The training data is updated daily through integration with MyTraining.
Risk Assessment
Assessments are specific to each lab, shop, or work area and organized under several general hazard categories (chemical, biological, physical, etc.). All those on the roster must understand the risk assessment. Assessments must be updated at least annually and as hazards change.
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
SOPs are specific to each process/hazard in the lab or work area and are available to all personnel included on the personnel roster. The SOPs are created by a member(s) of the roster and approved by the PI or supervisor.

LATCH Process

New Users

  1. Have your PI/Facility Manager or Lab Manager/designee add you to the roster using your Gatorlink email. Note: that your Gatorlink email may not be the email address you most commonly use. The first time a user logs into the system, they may change the preferred email address in their user profile.
  2. Log into Gator TRACS ( )
  3. Update user info: select the icon, then add your name, preferred email address, UFID (without the hyphen) and phone number. A guide on updating user information can be found here.

Principal Investigator/Facility Manager

  1. Add/remove users to/from your roster
  2. Assign a lab manager and hazardous waste manager
  3. Create, modify, or approve custom risk assessments.
  4. Upload SOPs

Lab Manager/Delegates

  1. Add/remove users to/from the roster
  2. Assign a lab manager and hazardous waste manager
  3. Create and modify custom risk assessments for this group
  4. Upload SOPs

All on the roster

  1. Review the risk assessment: Anyone working/sitting in the work area where hazards exist must read, understand, and been trained to mitigate hazards. This is accomplished in part by reading the LATCH and signing that you have done so.
  2. Training: Each lab group member, including the PI/supervisor, will need to complete training associated with the hazards in their work area. EH&S offers a large number of in person and online classes (link). Completion dates are recorded in MyUFL and tracked in Gator TRACS LATCH.

Additional information can be found in the Gator TRACS LATCH User Guide for Principal Investigators and Lab Managers.

SOP templates are available for customization by lab.