Hazard Reporting

How to Report a Hazardous Condition at UF Facilities

It is often possible to personally correct a hazardous condition ( e.g. wiping up a spilled drink off the floor, straightening a floor mat by a door). On other occasions, others must be involved to eliminate a hazard. Corrections often only take place if the hazard has been identified and those empowered to the reduce risk are aware of the hazard. If you can not personally eliminate or guard against the hazard then report it to the supervisor of an area (e.g. shop, laboratory, office, etc.), to a maintenance or administrative group, or to EH&S. Below is a set of units to call with potential hazards identified at the university. Please try contacting the appropriate group below before calling EH&S.


Physical Plant Trouble Desk
Hazards in E&G Buildings or UF outdoor Areas


IFAS Facilities Operations,
Hazards in IFAS Buildings and Areas


Hazards in Housing Areas


Transportation and parkingServices
Hazards in Parking Garages or Parking Lots


IFAS Research and Education Centers
Appropiate Farm Manager


University Police Department 


Environmental Health and Safety,
Report for anywhere on Campus
EHS Report Form
or call 392-1591