Shipping Hazardous Materials

Note: This does not apply to Biological materials. For Instructions click on, Shipping Biological Materials Instructions 


Transportation of hazardous materials is regulated by federal law known as the Hazardous Materials Regulations 49 CFR 171-180 (HMR).   Hazardous Materials include:  items identified in 49 CFR 172.101; hazardous wastes and substances administered by regulations issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency; and Marine Pollutants.  In addition when shipping by air shippers must comply with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. IATA regulations are promulgated by a technical committee representing airlines from member states.


The HMR apply to anyone who:

Transports or offers for transport hazardous materials in commerce;

Designs, manufactures, fabricates, inspects, marks, reconditions,  or tests packaging  represented, marked, certified or sold as qualified for use in transporting hazardous material in commerce;

Prepares or accepts hazardous materials for transportation in commerce;

Is responsible for the safety of transporting hazardous materials in commerce;

Certifies compliance with any requirement under the Federal Hazmat law.


Anyone to whom the HMR applies must receive formal training prior to shipping hazardous materials. The training must be repeated every three years.  Training is offered by private companies specializing in this service. EHS does not offer training in hazardous material shipping except for biological materials.  Contact Biosafety (392-1591) or see the Biosafety Webpage for more information.


As a result of serious accidents resulting in loss of life in the recent past federal enforcement of regulations regarding the transport of hazardous materials is severe. Civil and Criminal penalties including imprisonment can be levied.


EHS staff have the training and experience to assist in shipping your hazardous materials.   At least two weeks prior to the anticipated shipment date complete and submit the form below to the Hazardous Materials Management Department by fax or email. Do not consider the form received by EHS until you have received confirmation. You will be contacted to facilitate the shipping. You will need to acquire the proper shipping containers and are responsible for shipping costs. Certain hazard classes require much greater preparation time. Contact EHS as early in the project as possible. It is often easier and cheaper to purchase common chemicals at a distant location than ship them to the location.

Offsite UF locations must have a staff member take a formal training course in order to sign hazardous waste manifests or if shipping of hazardous material (see applicability above) is done from the site.


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