Clean Lab Ware Disposal

What’s Permitted

All glass or plastic (except as stated below) which is not contaminated with chemical, radioactive, or biological materials. Labels must be removed or defaced.

What’s Not Permitted

Red bags
Anything with Biohazard symbol
Syringes or other materials that belong in “sharps containers”.
Used tissue culture or molecular biology lab ware.

What Is “Clean”

Empty containers must be rinsed. P-listed hazardous waste containers must be triple rinsed.
The rinsate is required to go into a waste container, not down the drain.

How to Package

All materials must be placed in a poly bag lined box.
The box must be closed and sealed.
The box must be labeled “Clean Lab Ware” and have the generator’s room number.

How to Dispose

In the Health Center, place in hallway for building services to collect.
Other locations, take to building solid waste container.