Ethidium Bromide Guidelines

The following are general guidelines concerning the handling of ethidium bromide waste.

Concentrated stock solutions of ethidium bromide must be handled by EH&S as a laboratory hazardous waste. The rinsate from the ethidium bromide gels may be put down the sink since the concentration of ethidium bromide is extremely low.

Gels containing ethidium bromide that have been destained may be placed in the trash. Gels that have not been destained must be handled as a hazardous laboratory waste. EH&S can provide a five-gallon bucket to containerize these gels. These buckets must stay closed and be labeled as ethidium bromide waste.

If a researcher is concerned about throwing away gels or solutions with lower or questionable amounts of ethidium bromide, EH&S will pick these up and handle them as a hazardous laboratory waste. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please call EH&S’s Waste Management Facility at (352) 392-8400.