Chemical and Radioactive Waste Disposal

Hazardous Waste Management Training (EHS809)

Training sessions are now available at the J. Wayne Reitz Union, the UF Health Science Center, and online via myUFL


Led by University of Florida Safety Inspectors, this course assists research laboratories with meeting all Federal and State regulations governing the storage and disposal of hazardous laboratory chemical waste.

Annual training is required for all employees who generate or manage hazardous waste on UF’s main campus or in satellite areas.

Training Objectives

  • Rules of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)

Compliance with Federal and State Regulations

  • Safe Handling of Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste Identification

Hazardous Waste Storage

Proper Disposal Methods for UF Laboratory Chemical Waste

How to Respond to Chemical Emergencies (spills, personnel exposures, etc.)

  • Minimizing Hazarouds Waste Generation
  • Minimizing Time and Resources Used Managing Hazardous Waste

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Chemical and Radioactive Waste Disposal Mission

To provide campus laboratories and support services with a safe, EPA and NRC approved method for managing, removing and disposing of chemical and radioactive wastes.

Chemical and radioactive waste generated in laboratories and by support services is subject to both Federal and State regulation. At the University of Florida, all chemical and radioactive waste disposal must be managed through the Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Chemical and Radioactive Waste Disposal program.

Chemical and Radioactive Waste Disposal Program staff provide training, technical support and compliance assistance for all University of Florida faculty and staff who generate waste.

Provide regular training sessions for the management of chemical hazardous waste and provide training in management of radioactive waste as part of the Radiation Safety Short Course.

Support respond to chemical spills and emergencies on campus and provide technical support for city and county emergency responders.

Conduct waste accumulation site inspections and consult with faculty and staff to ensure compliance with all applicable waste management regulations.

Consult with faculty and support services staff to incorporate time and resource saving waste minimization strategies to further the University’s goal of attaining sustainability.

Additional information about EH&S support services can be attained by exploring the list of resources provided here. Contact the Chemical and Radioactive Waste Disposal staff for specific information on proper waste management and disposal.