State Fire Marshal


Most major projects will require two State Fire Marshal (SFM) inspections.

  1. The first inspection shall occur prior to the placement of any hard surface finishes, such as drywall, plaster, or hard ceilings, that would obscure any fire sprinkler piping and related products.
  2. A final inspection is required prior to building occupancy. In order for a final inspection to occur the following items must be complete:

The fire alarm system is completely installed, tested, tagged, and certified in accordance with NFPA 72 requirements.

The fire sprinkler system is complete and has been hydrostatically tested, flushed and tagged in accordance with NFPA 13.

The fire pump installation is complete and the pump has been certified in accordance with NFPA 20 requirements.

All emergency and exit lights have been installed and tested.

All fire doors, required exit hardware, magnetic door locks and latching hardware has been installed and is in proper working order.

All required emergency signage shall be installed.

All fume hoods must be certified by UF Lab Safety.

All portable fire extinguishers, pre-engineered fire suppression systems, and kitchen hoods have been installed and inspected by the installing subcontractor.

Scheduling of Inspections

SFM Inspections

The University project manager shall complete the SFM Inspection Request Form found at the Forms Page

Both of the SFM inspections and pump test must be scheduled at least five working days prior to the desired date of inspection. EH&S will coordinate the inspection with SFM’s office. The contractor is not permitted to schedule any SFM inspections directly with the SFM.

Hydrostatic testing of fire sprinkler piping:

The project superintendent (or his representative) shall schedule all hydrostatic test of both above and below ground piping by calling EH&S at 352 392-1591 at least 24 hours in advance.

Underground piping shall be tested at 200 p.s.i. for 2 hours.

Above ground piping shall be tested at 200 p.s.i. or 50 p.s.i. above normal operating pressure whichever is greater for 2 hours with no visible leakage and 0 p.s.i. loss on the test gauge.

Properly filled out test papers are required at the conclusion of the test. It is the responsibility of the contractor to maintain the test papers until they are given to the SFM at the time of the final inspection.

Authority Having Jurisdiction

The authority having jurisdiction is the SFM. All life safety issues shall be referred to EH&S directly. If desired and approved by the project manager communication directly with the SFM shall be done in writing and EH&S shall be copied on all correspondence.

Project Changes

All changes to the project must be approved by either EH&S or the SFM. EH&S has been authorized to review all project changes and determine if they must be submitted to the SFM for final approval. All proposed change orders shall be submitted to EH&S by the architect at the time of issuance. EH&S will communicate all review comments to the project manager in a timely manner. Costs associated with the change order are not required and do not affect approval by EH&S.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

For installation of portable fire extinguishers contact Fire Equipment Services at 352 392-1591.