Permit Application Process

After reading these Permit Application Instructions, please also read the Permit Supplemental Instructions.

  1. Fill out Permit Application.  Be sure to include the Fla. Business License number and have the form signed by the license holder.  The Qualifying Agent (license holder), Authorized Contact or someone else with written authorization will be required to sign the permit.
  2. Include a University of Florida project number or work order number unless you plan on paying the permit fees yourself.
  3. Include the value of work, this is what our fees are based on.
  4. Provide a description of the work to be done, including what any structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing or roofing work will encompass.  Large projects require 2 sets of signed and sealed drawings and specifications.  Small projects may only require hand drawings with sufficient detail & clarity to indicate the nature of the work to be done.
  5. Provide proof of Workers Compensation insurance (copy of insurance certificate) for your company.
  6. Provide a list of all subcontractors (building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, roofing) and their address, phone, Fla. Business License number.  Provide proof of Workers Compensation insurance for each.

Permit Application

A permit application is required to process and issue a building permit for University of Florida projects. Please review the following components to ensure your application package is complete. Permit/plan review time can vary from one or two working days to several working days depending on the complexity of the project, completeness of the application package, work load, and how many preliminary reviews have been done by our office. View our Building code Program information here.

The application is divided into four main sections: Applicant, Project, Architect/Engineer, and Subcontractor List (see “Attachments” below). Fill in all applicable spaces on the permit application form.


The applicant or qualifying agent must be the entity or person responsible for the entire project and providing direct, onsite supervision of the work they are performing. The permit application must include the name, street address, mailing address, phone number, fax number, and contractor license number of the applicant requesting the Building Permit. The name and signature of the qualifying person for the state contractor’s license must also be provided. The signature may be a person that has power of attorney to sign for the qualifier (notarized letter of authorization required). The primary contact name can be the job site superintendent. 

NOTE:  In accordance with F.S. 489.103(3), the applicant may be an authorized employee of the University of Florida for work described as: “performing routine maintenance or repair or construction not exceeding $200,000 to existing installations, if the employee does not hold himself or herself out for hire or otherwise engage in contracting except in accordance with his or her employment.” While this is an exception to requiring a licensed contractor, the applicant fully assumes the responsibilities and role of the contractor and is subject to the same code enforcement applications.  


The project name, project number, project street address and/or UF building number, value of construction, and a description of the work to be performed must be included in the permit application. The building height, construction type, occupancy classification, and square footage of each occupancy classification must also be provided. Provide name and telephone number of the University of Florida project manager or person responsible for the project. 

NOTE:  Prior to any demolition work,  contact EH&S Industrial Hygiene at 352-392-1591 for instructions on abatement of hazardous materials. Contact Laboratory Safety at 392-1591 if you are installing new or relocated lab hood systems.    


The name, address, telephone number, and fax number of the prime Architect/Engineer of Record must be provided on the application. If the designer is not an architect or engineer, please provide name, address, and telephone/fax number of the designer.

Application Attachments

It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide these documents with the Building Permit Application.

Subcontractor List

This is a separate form (available on our website). If subcontractors requiring state license have been retained, their license information must be submitted on the subcontractor list. The applicant must provide the name, street address, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, and state contractor’s license number of each subcontractor. If any subcontractors requiring state license are added after permit has been issued, the permit holder must provide the appropriate data and license number before they begin construction.  

Construction Documents

A minimum of two sets of 100% plans and specifications must be included with the Building Permit application (unless sets have been previously submitted for final review and haven’t been returned to project manager – we only keep them for about six months). If the level of work requires the involvement of a design professional as described in Chapter 471 and Chapter 481 of the Florida Statutes, both sets of plans and specifications must be signed and sealed by the Architect/Engineer of Record.  

Identification of minimum premium policy

Valid workers’ compensation insurance certificates are required for permit applicants per F.S. 440.103: “Such proof of compensation must be evidenced by a certificate of coverage issued by the carrier, a valid exemption certificate approved by the department or the former Division of Workers’ Compensation of the Department of Labor and Employment Security, or a copy of the employer’s authority to self-insure and shall be presented each time the employer applies for a building permit.”  

Threshold Building

If the project includes a threshold building, the applicant must include the structural inspection plan and shoring/re-shoring plans in accordance with section 105.13 of the Florida Building Code.   

Construction Project Review Letter

If the construction documents have been previously reviewed by EH&S for compliance with applicable codes and standards by the Building Code Administrator, a copy of the letter of code compliance should be included.  

Structural Criteria/Calculations

The applicable structural criteria must be listed on the drawings. Any necessary structural calculations must be provided in a bound document, upon request of the Plans Examiner.

Document Review

The Building Permit Application and attachments will be date-stamped upon submission to our office and will receive a preliminary review for completeness. If the permit application documents are incomplete, EH&S will promptly notify the applicant of the required information. The Building Code Administrator will review your permit application package and indicate by stamp or label that plans and specifications have been reviewed for code compliance with a signature and date.

Codes & Standards used by University of Florida

Plans Examination

The construction documents will be reviewed by EH&S plan review staff for compliance with applicable codes and standards and in accordance with the Florida Building Code and applicable Florida Statutes.

Building Permit Issuance

Once your permit is ready, you will be notified by phone to come by our office to sign and pick up your permit. You may sign for the permit only if you are the qualifier or an authorized agent of the qualifier. Once the Building Permit is issued, the applicant will become the permit holder. You will be given your copy of the permit documents (permit card and plans). These are to be retained on the jobsite and be open for inspection by the Building Code Administrator or his authorized representative. The permit card must be posted conspicuously on the premises.

Conditions of permit issuance

The Building Code Administrator will issue, unless otherwise justified, a Building Permit to the applicant for the project specified on the application once the following items are completed:

Complete application
The required application forms and attachments must be properly completed and submitted by the applicant.   

Document review
The construction documents must have been reviewed and found to be in compliance with Florida Statutes and the applicable codes and standards. The two of the sets of documents must be stamped, signed, and dated by the Building Code Administrator to be valid permit docs.  

Contractor’s licenses
The Building Code Administrator must verify the applicant’s state contractor license before issuing the Building Permit. Valid Workers Comp information must be on file in our office.  

State Fire Marshal (SFM)
If required, the university must submit the construction documents to the SFM for review and approval. The university must receive written approval and a stamped set of construction documents from the SFM.

Permit Card Content

Your permit card will include information as shown on the application and include the following:

“In addition to the requirements of this permit, there may be additional restrictions applicable to this property that may be found in the public records of this county, and there may be additional permits required from other governmental entities such as water management districts, state agencies, or federal agencies.”  

Building Permits for the demolition of renovation of an existing structure must contain an asbestos notification statement which indicate the owner’s or operator’s responsibility to comply with the provisions of F.S. 469.003 and to notify the Department of Environmental Protection of his intentions to remove asbestos, when applicable, in accordance with state and federal law.  

The Building Permit becomes active when signed and dated by the Building Code Administrator.