Closing Out the Laboratory

If the laboratory will shut down due to relocation, retirement, etc., the EH&S Lab Closeout Policy and procedures must be followed.   Abandoned biological materials create an unnecessary hazard and are costly and difficult to dispose of.

Plan ahead to ship, transport or dispose of these materials properly.

Project registrations can be assigned to another UF location, terminated entirely or the registration transferred to another UF PI to carry on the work. An administrative amendment form is used for these purposes.

With regard to the registered materials, choices are the following.

  1. Properly inactivate and dispose of all materials before departure
  2. Transport or ship the material to another location or institution (follow shipping regulations for hazardous materials, ensure the recipient has the necessary permits, if required)
  3. Transfer the biological materials to another UF PI (that PI must register for these or add them to an existing project)