BioPath Approval

BioPath approval at the University of Florida is based initially on two processes. Department and participant follow-up with both processes will help assure BioPath approval is completed in a timely manner.

  • Authorization:  Department submits authorization request to Environmental Health and Safety’s Biosafety’s Office for scope-of-work review.
    Initiated by the BioPath: Biohazard Medical Monitoring Authorization Form
  • Health Assessment:  Participant submits the BioPath Questionnaire to Student Health Care Center’s Occupational Medicine Clinic for review during the health assessment.
    Initiated by the BioPath: Biohazard Medical Assessment Questionnaire

BioPath Authorization Form

  1. Department completes the first section of the authorization form including information about
      the individual,
      the type of work to be done,
      fiscal information for payment of the health assessment and
      PI/supervisor information
  2. Department sends the form to the EH&S Biosafety Office by email, fax at (352) 392-3647 or mail for review
  3. Department calls the Biosafety Office at (352) 392-1591 to confirm receipt of the form
  4. Biosafety office reviews the form and if approved, signs and uploads the form to the SharePoint Approval List for SHCC OCCMED use
  5. Department should record the job duty of “human pathogen research BSL2+/BSL3” in the position information
    For positions with a number, the record is in Organizational Development; for positions without a number, the record in on the INOP form.

Biohazards Medical Assessment Questionnaire and Health Assessment

  1. Participant completes the questionnaire
  2. Participant submits the form to the SHCC’s OCCMED Clinic by fax at (352) 846-2003 or mail to Box 100148
  3. Participant calls the OCCMED Clinic at (352) 294-5700 to confirm receipt of the form
    Participant should also confirm the Clinic can see the authorization form on the SharePoint Approval List
  4. Participant schedules an appointment with the OCCMED Clinic for the health assessment
    (Exception: Short-term visitors such as guests, vendors or contractors, who will not handle agents do not require the initial health assessment scheduled with the OCCMED Clinic)
  5. Participant completes the health assessment during the appointment with the OCCMED provider
  6. OCCMED Clinic enters status record in myUFL with an Exam Type of Combined Health Assessment and reference to the BSL2+/BSL3.
  7. Participant checks status record in myUFL for final clearance

Respirator Training and Fit Test (when required)

  1. Participant contacts EH&S at (352) 392-1591 for a respirator fit test and training if medically cleared for respirator use
  2. Participant may complete respirator training online before the fit test appointment.
    Employees register through myUFL.
  3. EH&S Industrial Hygiene Office completes the fit test.