BBP and BMW Compliance Instructions


Return the Receipt Acknowledgement and Training Coordinator Designation form to EH&S as soon as possible or not later than January 31, 2014.

Trainer attends the Train-the-Trainer class or views the session on-line.

Conduct the departmental training and return the Training and Vaccination List, signed by the department chair or director, to EH&S by March 31, 2014.

Return the Training and Vaccination – Acceptance / Declination Statements for new employees to EH&S by March 31, 2014. 

Compliance Instructions for Departments

General Information

All employees, students, and affiliates at risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens must participate in annual bloodborne pathogen training. This includes those who handle human blood, tissues, primary human cell lines, and certain human body fluids. The program may include principal investigators, nurses, physicians, laboratory workers, residents, students, and others. Please note that at UF there are secretaries, custodial workers, and teachers included in the at risk group due to the nature of the work they perform.

It is the responsibility of the employer to determine who is in the at risk population. Please read through the Exposure Control Plan to determine which, if any, employees in your area are at risk of exposure.



Determine the at risk population

All employees, students, and affiliates that have reasonably anticipated exposure to human blood, human tissues, or certain other body fluids shall be included. Researchers and their staff working in HIV and Hepatitis B research laboratories are also required to participate. Please include faculty, staff, OPS, students, part-time and temporary employees in your determination. All employees who are at risk of exposure are covered under this program. Please remember to include employees who participated last year if their job duties still warrant their inclusion in the program.

To assist your determination of the at risk population, please read over the Exposure Control Plan or call the Biosafety Office (392-1591).  You may email questions to


Appoint a training coordinator

For departments in which only a few people are included in the at risk population, the principal investigator associated with the laboratory that does the majority of the human blood or tissue work is a good choice.

For larger departments, we suggest appointing several training coordinators. Some departments divide training responsibilities among the sub-groups in their department (e.g. Medicine into Medicine Internal, Medicine Gastro, etc.) Other departments choose to conduct different training sessions for specific groups of employees, like residents, faculty, staff, and students.

We suggest that a faculty member be appointed as the training coordinator due to the nature of the task involved.

All BBP trainers are required to be trained by the Biosafety Office prior to training their departmental personnel. The Bloodborne Pathogen and Biomedical Waste Train-the-Trainer session will be held in Rm. LG 110 A&B of the Brain Institute on Monday, February 10th, 2014 from 10:00 – 11:30 am. Call Gail Roser at 392-1591 to reserve your spot or email your name, UFID number, department and title to The session will be available via Sakai for those unable to attend.

Return the Receipt Acknowledgment and Training Coordinator Designation form to EH&S as soon as possible or no later than January 31, 2014.

This response may be faxed to Biological Safety Officer, fax # 352-392-3647, emailed to or sent via campus mail to Box 112190. Please email questions to


Conduct the training.

All employees with potential occupational exposure to human blood, tissue or body fluids must undergo annual training. However, not all members of the department need be trained in the same manner. Training should be appropriate to the people being trained.

The components of the training program are specified by law and are outlined on pp. 4-5 of the Exposure Control Plan.


Complete Training & Vaccination Forms.

All at-risk employees must be offered the hepatitis B vaccination series. New employees or new participants in the BBP program who decline or accept the series are required to complete and sign the Training and Vaccination – Acceptance/Declination statement prior to performing job duties that involve exposure.

To accept the HBV vaccination series, the employee should sign the Acceptance/Declination statement and take it to the Student Health Care Center for HBV immunization.  To decline the HBV vaccination, the employee should sign the Acceptance/Declination statement and send it back to EH&S by March 31, 2014. Note: Current employees who have previously filled out a Training/Vaccination form do not need to complete a new form each year.                                                           

Non-employees (students, volunteers, and others) may be required to provide proof of vaccination prior to their acceptance into a UF-sponsored program that may involve exposure to human blood, tissue, or certain body fluids.

Anyone who declined in the past and now wants the Hep B immunization can complete the form again at any time and take it to the Student Health Care Center to initiate the vaccination series.


Return the list.

Return the LIST of people trained to EH&S. This is due by March 31, 2014 or within a week of any subsequent training. This is necessary even if you utilized the on-line Sakai sessions for your training. This information shall include printed names, UF ID numbers and job titles for participants, the dates for both BBP and BMW training, trainers name. It is easiest to use the form provided, though if you have the information in a data file format, we will accept that too, if all of the requested information is provided and the department chairman signs the list.

Along with the list, return Training and Vaccination forms only for new participants or those who did not complete the form in the past.

All components of the program should be completed by March 31, 2014. We know that some departments train in the summer for the incoming residents and others train in the fall to accommodate students entering school at that time. Regardless, please return the receipt acknowledgement and training coordinator designation form by January 31st. If you are on a summer or fall training schedule, remind us of that on the form.