Segway and Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices

Segway type devices are not allowed in UF facilities unless as a mobility device by people with disabilities. Under the new ADA guidelines (2010 Revised Requirements) Segway devices are now included in devices for use by people with disabilities.

These criteria state that wheelchairs and “other power-driven mobility devices” must be permitted to be used unless the university can demonstrate that “other power-driven mobility devices,” Segway motorized vehicles in particular, would fundamentally alter its programs, services, or activities, create a direct threat, or create a safety hazard.

Segway Use by Individuals with Disabilities Inside UF Facilities

  • Speed not to exceed pedestrian walking speed.
  • Stay to the right at all times – no passing or weaving in and out of pedestrian traffic.
  • Segway devices not permitted in sporting venues during events such as UF football games, O’Connell Center events (unless O’Connell Center staff clear the use for a particular event) and other large capacity events.

Authorized UF personnel (police, qualified O’Connell Center staff, qualified UF Administrators – only those trained by the UF ADA Office) may ask the person using a Segway to provide credible assurance that the mobility device is required because of a disability. A credible assurance would be any one of the following: visible disability (amputee, loss of limb, oxygen tank or other visible disability with brace, crutches, cane, etc.); a valid, state issued disability parking placard or registration card, or other state issued proof of disability (ID Card). Please DO NOT ask the person’s disability.

Register your Segway

Contact the ADA Compliance Office to register your device (no cost).

Kenneth J. Osfield, Ed. D.
(352) 284-7324 (cell)
(352) 392-1591 (office)