ADA Compliance Office

The University of Florida, under the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and 504 federal legislation, is required to make reasonable accommodations to the known physical and mental limitations of otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities.

To help provide the best possible service to students, staff, faculty and visitors, please refer to the appropriate department:

Compliance, complaint, policy and program related issues are being addressed by UF's Title X/ADA Compliance Office. If you are a staff member, visitor or student and have complaints or questions about policies, procedures, rules, regulations that pertain to UF that you believe are non-compliant with ADA please contact Dr. Russ Froman ADA and Title IX Coordinator.
The Title IX/ADA Compliance office:
a. Oversees UF’s programs, services and activities and rules, policies and procedures to ensure compliance with ADA and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (section 504)
b. Coordinates all ADA related complaints (staff, students and visitors)
c. Communicates and coordinates with HR & EH&S ADA personnel as needed.
d. Answers Service Animal questions.

Employees with disabilities seeking workplace and/or travel upgrades accommodations (auto, airfare, travel companions, etc.) please contact Dr. Russ Froman ADA and Title IX Coordinator.

Visit UF's Disability Resource Center website for detailed information available to students with disabilities.

ADA services related to building related code issues, design and development can be addressed by submitting the ADA Assessment form.

For additional information visit:

For information regarding access to telecommunication, alternate print publications, physical access, transportation, interpreters for the hearing impaired, or any other disability-related issue, please see contact information on right side menu.

Disabled Access Information

For persons with hearing or speech related disabilities, when trying to access an office on campus that does not list a TDD/TTY number contact the Florida Relay Service at (800) 955-8771(TDD) or 711 (V/TDD).

ADA Financial Accommodation Assistance

For information on who is responsible for funding ADA accommodations please go to ADA Accommodation Financial Assistance and select the PDF file. The document will direct you to the UF office responsible for facility issues (UF ADA Office), student classroom accommodations (Dean of Students Office) and faculty (Provost Office) and staff accommodations (Senior VP and Chief Operating Officer).

Please note for faculty and staff it is the responsibility of the department to fund ADA related accommodation requests but in some instances the department may need financial support from either the Provost (faculty and academic units) or the Senior VP and Chief Operating Officer for staff within COO units.

For faculty and staff accommodations, the only time a department should contact the Provost Office or COO Office is when outside funding is required to cover the cost of the accommodation. Typically departments may need support for interpreter expenses for sponsored programs, travel for staff that require accommodations while traveling, and many other instances. For any clarification please direct inquiries to the ADA compliance Office (352-273-1094, TDD/TTY 711).

ADA Information Sessions

The ADA office provides ADA workshops for any affiliated UF department.  The programs vary in length and are geared specifically to the department requesting the workshop.  Workshops vary from 15 min to 2 hour programs.  For information and scheduling please contact Dr. Russ Froman, UF ADA Compliance Officer

Activities and Special Events

If you require any type of an accommodation for an event sponsored by the University of Florida accommodation requests must be made at least 72 hours in advance of the function. To arrange accommodations contact the agency sponsoring the event. For assistance contact the UF ADA Office (352) 273-1094 or 711(TDD/TTY).

Web Accessibility at the University of Florida

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Attention – Reporting an ADA Problem

To submit an ADA related problem on UF property please click here to access to the form.