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UAS Operations on UF Property

Published: Sep 6th, 2016

The Federal Aviation Administration‚Äôs (FAA) regulations went into effect August 29, 2016 for routine non-recreational use of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Please contact John Rouse¬†or call 392-1591 with any […]

Safe & Compliant Shipping, Export, Import & Transport of Research Materials

Published: Mar 24th, 2016

Research materials in transit are subject to strict state, federal, and international regulations as well as UF policies governing safety and compliance. Recently, a peer university was fined $56,000 by […]

UF Interim Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Procedures

Published: Dec 18th, 2015

Operation of an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) associated with the University of Florida is now governed by UF procedures. This includes any University employee or student wishing to operate a […]

Safety in the Workplace

Published: Apr 18th, 2012

The mission of the EH&S division is to support and advance the teaching, learning and research activities of the University through promotion of a safe and healthy campus environment by […]